In this video I balance you and me into loving myself more, unconditionally even, loving others and being able to recieve love.

For this balance I use techniques from Stress Release by Wayne Topping.

If you want to know more about this course, it is being given all over the world. I’ll give mine in januari. Feel welcome. If you want to know more about muscle testing and if it works and if you can reley on the test, read the book: Power vs Force of dr. dr. Hawkins. Who did a 30 year investigation all over the world on the consiousness level.

If we together love more, we raise our vibe, we strengthen our immune systems and have a much more loving and joyful life.

Let me know how you felt before the balance and after and what little things you do to feel the love. You inspire others by doing so. Please like and share.

Love, Merel