Lives for entrepreneurs!

I believe that entrepreneurs can make a difference in this world. They are less influenced by the programs or they have already gotten rid of them.

In this series, I give practical tips for you as an entrepreneur to get the most out of life and your business and we do kinesiology balances to overcome your main struggles.

The topics are:

1. What about you? 2. WHY? 3. Money! 4. Scaling up! 5. Flourish! 

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Love, Merel

1.What about you? (1 of 3)

As a business owner, your business cannot grow any bigger than you. So you need to work on yourself. The better you feel, the happier you are, the more energetic you are, the better your business will prosper. So in today's episode I introduce me and how I got to be...

1. What about you (2 of 3)

The videos were stopped after 10 minutes. Please see them all three. This is number two with the actual exercise. Enjoy! Merel

1.What about you (3 of 3)

This is the last of the 3 videos of the first day, lives for entrepreneurs on Linkedin. I hope you enjoyed them. Please react in the comment box below. See you tomorrow. Love, Merel

2. Why?!

Why you do what you do, makes you unique and authentic. So many of us have been pleasing others that we don't know our Why anymore. Why did you become an entrepreneur? Did you want to be one as a child? or did circumstances force you? In order to reveal what makes us...

3. Money!

Money, you eighther love it or you hate it. What do you think helps you most as an entrepreneur? Money is energy, like love is. If you don't love yourself much and don't like when other people make you compliments. How are you going to accept money? If you struggle...

4. Scaling up!

Scaling up is do what you do well and do more of it. In order to do that you need to think big. If you are afraid to show yourself if you are afraid to be criticised if you are afraid to work with others if you are afraid to be wealthy, you cannot scale. As you can...

5. Flourish!

In the word flourish, is the latin word Flora. When you flourish you radiate like a flower. Everybody notices you. You are seen. You stand out. You are an inspiration to others. They would like to be more like you and they copy you. You are an example. You can only do...

Lives for teenagers!

Especially for teenagers, I’ve made 5 Instagram lives on whatever topic they wanted to talk about. 

Topics are:

1. Self-Love! 2. Learning 3. Parents 4. Health 5. Choice.

I not only talk about these topics, but I also teach you how to balance yourself, so you can have a better life a happier life and we do a kinesiology balance together.

These vlogs are not only beneficial for young people, but also when you are older than 20 these topics might be interesting to clear out in your life.

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Love, Merel

1. Lives for teenagers. Self-love!

How to love yourself more? If you have listened to what other people have ever said about you, you may not like yourself much and that's a pitty, beacuase ofcourse, you are wonderful Focussing on bad feeling thoughts attracts more bad feeling thoughts and focussing on...

2. Learning

By learning I mean your capcity to copy paste, to inform yourself, to study, to take in information and then to teach others. This is actually the best way to learn, by teaching. That is why I love making

3. Parents

Some of you have a wonderful connection with your parents, many of you don't. Since most of you are still dependent on them, it would be nice if you would get along.  

4. Health

What to do when you are really healthy? When you feel good and have so much energy? Then you must participate in life. Then there are no excuses not to do an exam or go to sports or to a party. Being ill is a very good way to be excused. We often think that there is...

5. Choice

When you have been pleasing other people, you probably dont know any more what you want from life. Today we are going to activate the galblather meridian that has every thing todo with making choices that are good for you and the word. I'm also going to show you a...

Balancing your body!

Welcome to my new series of 5 video’s. I’ll share with you techniques I use to balance my body every day in order to be more fit, healthy, young, strong, smart, energetic. In my balancing, I’ll be using many techniques from different courses of kinesiology. If you are interested in a personal balance or a course, just let me know in the comment box below or in a personal message.

I believe that it is part of my mission to show people how they can heal themselves. That’s why I, share with you these free videos, so you can get a good idea of how good you can and may feel.

Topics are: 1. Awaken your senses 2. Finding your balance 3. Balancing the organs 4. Notch up your intelligence 5. Food!

If you are in need of some special attention, just go to the website and order a balance. www.movimento.nl

When you like this video and share it, a greater group of people can benefit, a group that I otherwise could not find. And when you feel strong and well, what can you share with the world that is of value? You are magnificent, so I wonder what it will be.

Much love, Merel Slotboom
The kinesiologist on the Move, trainer, and author of multiple self-discovery books in English and Dutch. you can find them on selfenizer.com and selfenizer.nl

1. Awaken your senses

By wakening your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin you have all the tools you need to have a wonderous and joyful life. Instead we use our senses to seek danger, to look for a sabertooth tiger. When we calm down our senses, we go into rest and repair and we'll feel...

2. Finding your balance

In this episode of balancing your body, we are going to work on the equilibrium, your balance. This is the balance physicaly in your body, between body and mind, activity and rest, work and leasure, being alone and together, giving and recieving and waking and...

3. Balancing the organs

In today's video I take you on a journey trough your body. Visiting all your organs. We balance the one that has the priority with emotions. I do this by using a 14 muscle check from Touch for Health. Each muscle is connected to a meridian and 10 of them to an organ....

4. Notch up your intelligence

In today's video I speak about three centres of intelligence inside you body and that we are actually being unconsciously moving through life most of the time, like sheep. Would it not be nice to open up to learning, new experiences, new friendships, new languages.. I...

5. Food!

When you were young you knew what was good for you and when you were hungry and when you were full. For most of us, the teachings of our parent, schools, churches, culture and media has brought us away from our innate knowing of what to eat and when. In today's...

Raising your vibe!

This week I am making a series of 7 video’s that help you raise your vibe. When your energy is high, you feel cheerful, happy, saddisfied and thankful. This way you will go into rest and repair and the immune system will kick in. This is a lovely way to be healthy.

I love it when you comment on how the videos change how you feel and I love it when you like and share. The more people that have a high vibration, the easier it is to feel wonderful and have good things come to us easily.

Topics are: 1. Choose 2. Cleaning up 3. Getting out of fight, flight, and freeze 4. Doing what you like 5. Bonding for healthy relationships 6. Love 7. Light

Like, comment and share please to make more people radiant.

Sending you love! Merel Slotboom
Kinesiologist on the Move, trainer, and author
www.movimento.nl, www.selfenizer.com, and www.selfenizer.nl are my websites Go and have a look.


Choose the life you want, the love you want, the health and wealth you want. You are the creator of your life. Right now we are in a challenging period. Many of you feal fear, anxiety or anger. You can choose at any time to feel differently. You are free in your mind....

2. Cleaning up

A fast way to have more energy is by cleaning up your life. In this video I present you a very practical way to clean up your: -mind -heart -body -soul -relationships -house -car -emotions Enjoy my video. Please comment, like and share. This way we can all earn and...

3. Getting out of fight, flight and Freeze!

Today we do a 5 element balance, with the colour cards of Touch for Health, to balance our survival system and calm down to the rest and repair system. When in rest and repair, digestion, immune system, procreation can kick in. This is what we need to be joyful,...

4. Doing what you like!

Goodmorning. As you know you are much happier and radiant when you do things you like. But why don't you do them? We are kept away from things we like by the fear that we will not be loved or that we are not good enough at what we want to do. For example. If your wife...

5. Bonding, for healthy relationships

In this series of 7 ways to raise your vibe, today we speak about bonding. When you are bonded well, you love yourself and others. You can be alone and together and you can interact with your soul and feel it's love and guidance.. When bonding is off, we show features...

6. Love

In this video I balance you and me into loving myself more, unconditionally even, loving others and being able to recieve love. For this balance I use techniques from Stress Release by Wayne Topping. If you want to know more about this course, it is being given all...

7. Light

Light being the highest frequency we aim form is the end of my 7 videos of on raising your vibe. Now again I'll share with you simple tricks I use to keep my vibe up and a wonderful visualisation to clean up your body and energy. I do hope you liked the sequence and I...

Being true to yourself!

We have no idea who we are really. We have been programmed and lied to all of our life. Becoming who you really are is your biggest quest in this life, and the most rewarding one.

This series of 7 online kinesiology balances has been in spired by the Law of Atrraction.

Topics are: 1. Receiving mode 2. Getting into alignment 3. Follow your biggest vision 4. Feeling weird or different, is that a good thing or not? Playing and playfulness 6. Being thankful for the flow and not working so hard 7. Being true to you.

Please let me know how you feel after watching this series of vlogs, like and share. The more people that discover who they are, the easier it will be to create the life of our dreams.

Love, Merel Slotboom
Kinesiologist on the Move, trainer and author. Buy my books at www.selfenizer.com and www.selfenizer.nl 


Recieving mode (1/7)

How to get into the recieving mode and stay there? I'll tell you how I did get to Finland even though I had been refused two times already and how other beautiful things cross my path. See you during this facebook live. Love Merel You can find all my FBLives here or...

Getting into alignment! (2/7)

Getting into alignment is like calibrating to your true self. All things asked and unclear brighten up and answers appear. I jus found mine. Do you want to hear? What helps you align? Love frøm me to you! Merel Slotboom

Follow your biggest vison (3/7)

A year ago I had a vision. Today I stood in the congres centre where I saw my self inspire 750 people to become their best son loves. Do you want to hear more? Watch the video. Subscribe and like if it touched you and share with people you love. With love from me to...

Feeling weird or different, is that a good thing or not? (4/7)

Short video of Merel about being different, weird, lucky, you and being loved. Love Merel

Playing and playfulness (5/7)

A dear follower Han Buwalda asked me if I still play. He inspirerend me for this video. How about you? Do you still play and do you like it? Please let me know. Love, from me to you, Merel

Being thankful for the flow and not working so hard (6/7)

I'm learning how to be and feel without having to work hard. A totaly new experience for me. Do you recognise this? Love Merel Kinesiologist on the Move

Being true to you! (7/7)

People very often are not true to themselves without even knowing it. Being clear at what you want helps you to manifest in a much faster and easier way the life of your dreams. In a beautiful exercise I help you to stop being abiguas. Reply in the comment box in...

Becoming The kinesiologist on the Move

Before I became The kinesiolgist on the Move, specialised in writing self-help books on Quantum, LOA and kinesiology and trainer and therapist of long-distance balances, I had a normal life.

I used to live in a house, take care of my 3 kids and dog, had a beautiful 175m2 practice in Bleiswijk. I had colleagues, co-workers and renters.

Now I am free. I travel when I feel I need to, because I am always in the best place, meeting the best people.

If you want to know how I created that life and how you can do the same, just watch these 5 vlogs.

Topics are: 1. Getting to the Polar Circle 2. Regenerate 3. Listen to your feelings 4. Borders 5. Mosquitoes. 

Please like, comment and share your insights and progress.

Love, Merel Slotboom
Kinesiologist on the Move, trainer and author of multiple self-help books. You buy them on selfenizer.com and selfenizer.nl.


Step 1 getting to the polar circle!

Are you cureous why I had to get there? Check my video. Love, Merel

Step 2: Regenerate!

In order to be able to react to life, feel fit, strong, healthy and live the life of your dreams, you need energy.

Step 3: Listen to your Feelings!

Step 3: Listen to your feelings! I woke up this morning and I knew I had to be at a specific spot before a specific time....I had no idea why. If I had not listened I would not have met these special people running for a special cause and I would not have been able to...

Step 4: Borders

Step 4 - Borders What borders have you put up for yourself and what borders have others put up and which one would you like to cross. I'm so curious. Please let me know. Today's video is about the limits you put up for yourself and how liberating it can be to overcome...

Step 5: Mosquitoes!

What can you do when you have not slept, been kept awake and killed 40 mosquitoes to your wall of death.... Yesss, stay positive, focus on the good stuff. Like there were more Mosquitoes outside then in. Luckely the ants didn't come in and I say in my affirmations...

Heal all…

Welkom bij Heal all…

Ik begon aan deze serie geheel onwetend. Ik had alleen maar een gevoel dat ik deze lives moest doen. Tja, en wat doe je dan? Je doet het! of in ieder geval, ik doe het.

Nu achteraf bezien is het een prachtige reeks geworden waarbij alle dieren in het water en het water zelf worden geheeld.

Water is op lucht na het meest voorkomende element op aarde en het heeft het vermogen energie vast te houden en te zenden. Na deze balans zendt het water een liefdevolle frequentie uit naar ons allen.

Heal all elephants gaat over al het leven op aarde, op het land en het land zelf. Wanneer je de aarde, de grond heelt, heelt het ons.

Heal all condors gaat over het helen van alle dieren in de lucht en de lucht zelf, zodat wij geinspirereerd mogen worden ons mooiste leven te leiden.

Heal the world uiteindelijk brengt alles bij elkaar, alle elementen, alle dieren, alle wezens, alle mensen.

Kijk deze serie en voel jouw trilling en die van dat wat je omgeeft stijgen.

Ik wens je veel liefs en hoop dat je me helpt in het helen van jou en alles om je heen. We zijn namelijk een.

Speciaal voor jou heb ik een 5e video gemaakt: Heal yourself! Deze is in het Engels. Je kunt de ondertitieling aanzetten door onder de video op het tandwiel te klikken.

Merel Slotboom
The kinesiologist on the Move, trainer en autheur van meerdere zelf-ontdekkingsboeken waarin ik kinesiologie, de wet van aantrekking en Quantum denken combineer. Koop mijn boeken op selfenizer.nl

WATER: Heal all seals! (1/5)

Een balans voor al het waterleven, emoties en positieve energie door Merel Slotboom kinesiologe bij Movimento. In een reeks van 4 video's is dit de eerste waarbij Merel aandacht geeft aan al het waterleven. Deze planeet was ooit volledig bedekt met water. Het water...

AARDE: Heal all Elephants! (2/5)

In een vierdelige reeks is dit nummer twee: Heal all Elephants. Merel vertelt van de Sumatraanse olifant die ze mocht helen en hoe deze olifant stond voor de hele wereld. Luister naar welke tips er voor jou in zitten. Deze video is samen met de andere video's terug te...

LUCHT: Heal all condors! (3/5)

Nummer 3 in een reeks van 4 balansen en uitzendigen: Heal all condors! Deze sessie gaat over contrast, helen, uitzoomen en focussen op wat jij wilt in het leven. Veel kijk- en ervaarplezier. Liefs, Merel

Godin Isis, Heal the World! (4/5)

In een reeks van 4 balansen is dit nummer vier. IN een bijzondere sessie met Godin Isis zijn de energiecentra van de werled opnieuw aangezet. Zet ook de jouwe aan en herstel je zelfgenezend vermogen. Jij bent de creator van jouw leven. Maak er dus iets moois van....

Heal Yourself (5/5)

When you consider that we are one. we are all energy, connected to eachother. So when I heal me, I heal you and vice versa. Today I give a kinesiology group balance to feel whole. When we are whole we are certainly healed. I take you through the proces. you may watch...

Groepsbalansen GGLLVVLL

Movimento, kinesiologie groepsbalansen voor Liefde en licht, Geluk en gezondheid, Veiligheid en verbinding en lucht en leven.

Ik neem je mee in deze thema’s en balanceer met jou de onbalansen. Het maakt niet uit wanneer je kijkt, de energie zal altijd juist voor je zijn.

Geniet van in balans komen door naar deze video’s te kijken. Wanneer jij in balans bent, straal je dit uit naar je directe omgeving en dit gaat door en door en door.

Welke video resoneert met jou?

Laat me horen wat de video met je deed en deel met mensen die je lief hebt. Dit zijn mijn cadeautjes voor de wereld.

Liefs, Merel Slotboom The kinesiologist on the Move, trainer en auteur van zelf-ontdekkingsboeken vol met praktische tips om jouw ideale leven te creëren. Kijk op selfenizer.nl voor Nederlandstalige boeken en trainingen en op selfenizer.com voor Engelstalige boeken.

Groepsbalans voor Geluk en Gezondheid (1/4)

Wanneer jij je gelukkig voelt, dan leef je. Je stress daalt en immuunsysteem schakelt in. Je kunt nu dus ook naar gezondheid. Deze video neemt jou hier mee naar toe en ook naar wat jij wilt beleven als je onbevangen in het leven staat en het kunt zien als een...

Groepsbalans voor Licht en Liefde (2/4)

Merel neemt je mee in een groepsbalans volgens het principe van de kinesiologie waarbij de spiertest een tool is die helpt bij het opsporen van blokkades en trauma's en helpt bij het zoeken van de oplossing. Vandaag is het thema Licht en Liefde. Wanneer jij je liefde...

Groepsbalans voor Veiligheid en Verbinding (3/4)

In deze bijzondere periode doe ik wat ik het beste kan...kinesiologie balansen geven. Dat kan voor 1 persoon, op afstand wel te verstaan en dat kan voor een groep. Voor een groep op afstand kan ook. Deze video is een van een reeks groepsbalansen die ik geef op dinsdag...

Groepsbalans voor Lucht en Leven (4/4)

Vaak zIjn we als de dood voor het leven en houden we onze adem in. Wat als je vrijuit zou kunnen Ademen en bewegen en je inspiratie zou volgen? Deze gratis groepsbalans van Merel Slotboom neemt jou mee op reis naar je zelf schonen en beschermen en volmondig kiezen...