Dear you, welcome to a new Playlist: Happy Winter!

This Playlist will be about being and staying happy in autumn and wintertime.
I will be giving you loads of tips on how to be happy and healthy during the winter season.

You read it right, I will be giving you tips, not doing balances for you. I want you to take action yourself. It is up to you. I won’t be healing you. You must decide that you are worth fighting for, learning for. You need to take action.

This is very interesting because it is the happiness hormone Dopamin, that makes you go into action, and it is the hormone that is blocked in winter.

Sometimes we need to feel so awful before we start taking action. Maybe now is the moment?

Today is about waking up in the morning.

When you lack cortisol or dopamine and when your biorhythm is not well-calibrated, you probably don’t wake up in time. Today I’ll be giving you tips on how to fix this easily.

If there is more going on, so you have thyroid problems, burn-out, or depression. Please contact me or one of my colleagues, because you need a little bit more than just some vitamin D.

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Much love, Merel

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