Five years ago I sold my house.
I thought it would be easy to rent or buy one back.
But it wasn’t, because of a law in the Netherlands, that all new houses need to have solar panels.
Although I cannot find any evidence on the internet. I cannot function under panels!
My brain shuts off. I cannot think and I stutter. Then I need to leave with a headache.

Because I could not find a new house, I have been living in a camper van for almost 4 years. So I didn’t think much about solar panels anymore.

As I was working today on the beautiful Brittany coast (see the picture), a Toyota Hybrid car parked in front of me.

My brain reacted in a glitch. Then came the thought.: “I can handle this. I can block this.”
When the gentleman got out. I tried to ask him to park a bit backwards or somewhere else, and I had lost all my French. Then he said: “try in English!” Good idea. It took me 10 tries to get one word out. He finally understood me, and parked somewhere else, and I could thank him in fluent English for moving.

Am I the only one that is this sensitive? Am I crazy? Or are there other people that react in the same manner?
I am just being very curious.

One day I will want to live in a house again and I want to feel well, happy and safe.

Please friends, followers and clients, let me know your experiences with solar panels and hybrid or electrical cars. I’d love to see your comments belowe or under this post on socialmedia.

Love to hear from you, Merel

P.S. Off course I will not leave you without a solution. I really felt better after watching the video of Annette Gottschalk about Energetic radiation healing. Have a look at my Zomberblog 2, Aarding. It is about earthing and has many links at the bottom of vieo’s about earthing in English. A kinesiology balance by Niels or me could help you be less sensitive or more balanced and find out what electrosmog you should get red of.

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