In the series “Transcending the ego-mind” this is video number 6.

First, it was not clear to me if there were going to be more than 5 videos. This morning as I listened to my “Course in Miracles” lesson #289, it became clear that we needed to do a balance on living in the past. Or more accurately, living in the now. Because here is where all the action is and where we expand.

The ego though really likes to keep us in the past. It likes to remind us of dangerous situations that almost killed us and it wants to keep us safe, preferably at home, alone.

Find out how we can balance ourselves with the beautiful 12 crystals of the Kristall Stadt.

I will give a special masterclass on these crystals, the crystalline matrix and chakra’s, and how to work with them most effectively on the 22nd of June in 2022. If you want to join, just sign in here: I will add you right away to our close Facebook Group and you will get to see the first of 3 videos to get you started with the Kristals and start feeling fantastic.

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See you soon! Love, Merel