Goodmorning. As you know you are much happier and radiant when you do things you like. But why don’t you do them? We are kept away from things we like by the fear that we will not be loved or that we are not good enough at what we want to do. For example. If your wife doesn’t like you sky diving, because she is afraid of hights and afraid to loose you, you probably won’t do it as often as you would like to. If you play tennis, but you don’t know how to serve, you might never want to play a game.

In this video I take you along, in a 3 dimension balance from Brain Gym. And we will get your energy flowing with two simple execises. You’ll see that you will feel much better afterwards and that you will start doing what you really like.

Please leave a comment in the box below, sharing what it is you will do first.

For the Dutch people, I’ll give Brain Gym 101 on 14, 15, 21 and 22 november in Zoetermeer. You can sign in up and if you want more information, check

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Love Merel