Video 1 in a series on overcoming the ego-mind.

This one is about fear. When you are fearful, you radiate that energy and get it back.

On the other hand, when you are loving and joyful, you get it back as well. This is the law of attraction.

Today we do a balance to overcome the fear of death being ill and being contagious.

When after the video you relax and feel safe, your immune system kicks in and you can start repairing yourself and become more healthy and younger and fitter.

Much love, Merel P.S.

In the video I refer to a training I have made in Dutch to give you the chance to learn how to muscle test clearly in a couple of hours. This is the link:
In my books SLOW and FOCUS, I teach you how to relax and create the wanted situation. You find them in English on and in Dutch on

If you like this video, please let me know and share it with others. When we let go of fear, we create a wonderful, healthy, and happy world.