Choose the life you want, the love you want, the health and wealth you want. You are the creator of your life. Right now we are in a challenging period. Many of you feal fear, anxiety or anger.

You can choose at any time to feel differently. You are free in your mind. In this video I take you through a proces of intention setting, getting rid of sabotage and blocked emotions. So you wil attract that what you want in life.

This will be a series of 7 videos that I will share with you on Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. Please like and share with people that can appreciate this. If you subscribe to the channel, you will be alerted when I have posted a new video. For the Dutch speaking people. When you buy my book: Van IQ naar QI, you will get free acces to all these exercises and more. It will be totaly free. You can find it on or any bookshop of your liking, both online and offline. For my English speaking friends, we are working on the English edition. If you would like to get a copy of it, send an email to:, saying you would want my book, once it is out. Please mention your name and emailaddress.

For now I wish you well. Please do the exercises 1 to 2 times a day and journal on how you feel. Leaving a comment below is highly appreciated by me and others. This is how you help eachother.

With love from me to you, Merel Slotboom
Kinesiologist on the move, trainer, author