In this series of 7 ways to raise your vibe, today we speak about bonding. When you are bonded well, you love yourself and others. You can be alone and together and you can interact with your soul and feel it’s love and guidance.. When bonding is off, we show features of autism or on the other side of being klingy and needy. Both situations are not ideal. In a balans of the centering system we overcome the fear of life, death, connecting and being left alone. Join me on this wonderful trip to you and who you really are. Relationships will me more loving and fullfilling.

Please tell me in the comment box the differences you have noticed, like and share. Imagine having all happy people in your surroundings. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

See you again tommorow.

Love Merel

P.S. I’ve written a new book, called ‘Making love’ and we are working on it to get it released soon. Let me know if you are interested.