We all want unconditional love, but what does it really mean to love unconditionally? Schivonne P, my student gave us a wonderful description. Unconditional love is that you wish health and happiness (H&H) for the other person, regardless of what they have done.

If we want to love ourselves unconditionally, then it is important that we make our happiness and health our top priority. The challenge is off course how to take care of our happiness and health without becoming too selfish. It is possible!

Our emotional state has a huge impact on our H&H. When we attempt to create a positive state of mind through external circumstances, e.g. doing nice things, we are dependent on the external circumstances. This route hardly ever leads to lasting H&H. This can also easily lead to selfishness, because it often costs time and money to do these things.

If on the other hand we focus on the internal state of mind, we have a bigger chance of creating lasting unconditional love for ourselves. For example, when we hold on to grudges or our right to be angry, we are robbing ourselves of our H&H. Have you noticed how little energy you have after thinking about things that upset you? When we let go of our poisonous emotions, we automatically return to happiness and health can follow.

During my Theta Healing™ training, I learnt about the importance of releasing the 5 Rs. The better we become in releasing these, the healthier and happier we become.
Resistance: There are times that we resist what is happening in our lives, in the hope that things will change. If you have been on some of my courses or have come for some consultations, you will know the Release Statement. It is a great tool to release any unwanted emotions. If you don’t have it, you can also breathe out your resistance.
Rejection: This lies close to resistance. As long as we resist or reject a situation or a person, we are not dealing with it. The first step in releasing resistance and rejection is to accept “what is” for now, even if the situation is not ideal. Once we accepted a situation, we can make plans to change it. It is also good to release the emotion as described above.
Resentment: The more we reject and resist a situation, the more likely it is that we will feel resentment. A number of my personal health issues disappeared after I let go of my resentment. Forgiveness is essential to release resentment.
Regret: Another poisonous emotion is regret. We made a decision in the past and we cannot turn back time. In order to release regret, we need to accept what we have done, see if we can rectify it or not, and then we forgive ourselves.
Rescue: Many of us love focusing on rescuing others, instead of rescuing ourselves. It is a trap we can easily fall into, because it takes our mind off looking honestly at ourselves. It also makes us feel good, when we think we have rescued someone. When we try to rescue others, without being asked for help, we actually often hinder their growth.

In Conclusion.
We all want unconditional love for ourselves and others. We can get this by focusing on bringing health and happiness to all regardless of what we do and have.

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