When you were young you knew what was good for you and when you were hungry and when you were full. For most of us, the teachings of our parent, schools, churches, culture and media has brought us away from our innate knowing of what to eat and when.

In today’s balance we bring that back. I tell you to listen to your body, for you are specific.

I teach you how to muscle test and if it was to fast take a class in Touch for health, stress release or Brain Gym. I have made a mini course in how to test purely. it is in Dutch. you can find it here: https://selfenizer.nl/trainingen/

I’ve spoken of Breatharians like Jasmuheen and Roy Martina. go and look them up if you want more information.

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Love, Merel

P.S. Next week I’ll make a 5 days series for young adults 12-18 on Instagram. please share with them if you know any.